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Servicing and WOF checks

Petrol CarDiesel 2-wheel driveDiesel 4-wheel driveDiesel 6-cylinder
Oil and filter change$ 130$ 160$ 180$ 225
Comprehensive service including semi-synthetic oil & oil filter *$ 310$ 350$ 380$ 435
Comprehensive service including fully synthetic low SAPS oil & oil filter**$ 350$ 395$ 425$ 465
WOF$ 52$ 52$ 52$ 52

All prices are inclusive of GST *A full service includes a change of oil and oil filter, plus comprehensive checks as listed below. Please note that, if required, the cost of air filter/ fuel filter/wiper blades/radiator cap/fluids will be additional to the price of the service. If work is needed on mechanical components (e.g. brakes, ball joints) we will provide you with an estimate covering the new parts and additional labour that would be required for your consideration. With your approval this work can be completed at the time of the service, or arranged for another time.

  • Air filter (cleaned/changed if required)
  • Fuel filter (changed as required)
  • Coolant level/condition
  • Radiator level
  • Cooling system hoses
  • Radiator cap
  • Battery level/condition
  • Brake fluid level
  • Clutch fluid level (if applicable)
  • Power steering fluid level
  • Differential fluid level
  • Transmission fluid level (if applicable)
  • Windscreen wash
  • Wiper blades
  • Check suspension
  • Under body check
  • Grease as required
  • Spark plugs (if applicable)
  • Door hinges
  • Seat belts
  • Lights
  • Horn
  • Tyre pressure/condition (rotate if appropriate)
  • Accessory belts
  • CV boots
  • Ball joints
  • Brake check
  • Check, clean lube and adjust rear drum brakes (if applicable)
  • Wheel bearings
  • Scan

**Modern diesel vehicles have a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and require a fully synthetic low SAPS oil to prevent blockage. Tips and FAQs on vehicle servicing Read more on servicing diesel vehicles

Diesel fuel pumps and injectors

Have you failed a WOF check because of a leaking fuel pump? Can you smell or see diesel leaking from the pump? Repairing a leaking diesel fuel pump is an essential maintenance task which will arise after a number of years. We can advise you on the requirements for your vehicle and offer pump repairs at competitive rates. Read more about diesel pump repairs Over time injectors can become worn or blocked, resulting in poor performance and economy. We test mechanical injectors, then clean, service or replace them as necessary. Black smoke can be an indicator of problem injectors, but can also have a number of other causes. Please call us for advice and estimates. Read more about diesel injector servicing

Diagnostic equipment

Our diagnostic equipment will identify problems with: running faults, high emissions, airbag systems, electrical faults and braking system faults. services-2

Get your vehicle running properly

We can advise you on a solution to improve the performance of your vehicle. Call us for assistance with:

  • Excess smoke from exhaust
  • Difficulty starting engine
  • Lack of power
  • Fuel leaks
  • High rate of fuel consumption
  • Poor engine performance.


• Batteries • Brake pads and shoes • CV boots and joints • Cambelts • Clutches • Shocks • Timing belts • Oil Changes • Safety checks • Inspections • Servicing and maintenance • Fuel pumps • Injectors • WOF checks • Wheel alignments • Engine rebuilds and replacements • Flushing • Turbo chargers


“I’ve been a customer of Morrison Diesel for the last 10 or 11 years, first with my Nissan and then the Isuzu and have found them to be friendly, reliable and very thorough, I’ve always been more than satisfied with their workmanship, infact I was recently involved in an accident where my tyre was damaged and if not for the mechanic at Morrison’s it would have gone un-noticed, they go out of their way to be helpful. I would recommend them to anyone with a diesel engine.”

– George Parsloe

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