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October 17

Diesel Vehicle Service

At Morrison Diesel we are specialists in servicing diesel cars, 4x4s, utes and light trucks. To view our vehicle service prices click here.

Our mechanics have extensive experience with diesel vehicles and receive work from customers and other garages around the Auckland region. We invite you to have your diesel vehicle serviced at Morrison Diesel in the expert hands of an experienced diesel mechanic.

Regular servicing of diesel vehicles is particularly important as the contamination of oil happens more quickly than in petrol vehicles. Changing the oil and oil filter at the correct intervals will keep your diesel vehicle running smoothly and efficiently and preserve the life of the engine. A rough guide would be to service your diesel vehicle every 5,000 km, but this varies widely with makes and models so check the manufacturer’s recommendations. The mode of driving will also have an impact – if most of the driving is ‘about town’ then the rate of contamination will be faster. In diesel vehicles it is also highly beneficial to change the fuel and air filters regularly (this is typically needed every second service) to optimise performance. For further information on the benefits of regular servicing click here.

Diesel vehicles are more expensive to service than petrol vehicles for several reasons. First diesel vehicles use more oil, with bigger 6-cylinder vehicles such as the Nissan Patrol and the Toyota Land Cruiser using the most. Second, as diesel vehicles tend to be physically bigger than petrol vehicles it simply takes longer to complete services on them.

Our diesel service prices are graded at three levels: 2-wheels drives (including up to 7 litres of oil and an oil filter), regular 4x4s (including up to 7 litres of oil and an oil filter) and 6-cylinder 4x4s (including up to 10 litres of oil and an oil filter). At Morrison Diesel our objective is to have a transparent pricing structure for servicing which is specific to vehicle types. Elsewhere in the marketplace the customer may find a vehicle service with a low ‘start price’, but in such instances a diesel can be expected to incur additional costs.

Regular servicing of your diesel vehicle will inevitably save money in the long run, through increased efficiency, decreased wear of components, and most importantly, through detecting problems and addressing them before breakdown occurs. Our diesel mechanics are ready to provide you with expert service and advice regarding the maintenance of your diesel vehicle. Please contact us at Morrison Diesel with any further questions you may have regarding diesel vehicle servicing – we look forward to assisting you

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