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July 25

Choosing a vehicle service

The current market offers the customer many different vehicle servicing options. The title ‘service’ is variously applied to a wide spectrum of products, spanning everything from a quick oil and filter change to a multi-hour package of logbook checks. Providers typically offer a range of graded service products based on a progression of checklists, with possible further differentiation according to vehicle type. A comparison of the various checklists used by …


October 17

Diesel Vehicle Service

At Morrison Diesel we are specialists in servicing diesel cars, 4x4s, utes and light trucks. To view our vehicle service prices click here.

Our mechanics have extensive experience with diesel vehicles and receive work from customers and other garages around the Auckland region. We invite you to have your diesel vehicle serviced at Morrison Diesel in the expert hands of an experienced diesel mechanic.

Regular servicing of diesel vehicles is particularly …


October 13

Servicing Diesel Injectors

Diesel fuel injectors operate at extremely high pressures. This helps to keep them clean, thus diesel injectors do not suffer from clogged nozzles to the same extent as petrol injectors. However over time diesel injectors suffer wear and require servicing. As a rough guide diesel injectors will need to be serviced after 100,000 km, but this can vary widely with the vehicle.

At Morrison Diesel we offer the service of pop …


October 1

Repairing a leaking diesel pump

A common problem we see at Morrison Diesel is a leaking diesel pump. A customer may have noticed diesel leaking from the engine area. Another symptom that may indicate a diesel pump leak is a vehicle which doesn’t start properly. However in many cases the customer has been unaware of the problem until their vehicle fails a WOF inspection because the diesel pump is leaking.

The function of the diesel pump …


October 1


How much does a car service cost?

Servicing of both petrol and diesel vehicles is one of our core activities at Morrison Diesel in Onehunga. We keep it simple, offering either a basic oil and filter change, or a comprehensive full service. You will find that car workshops around Auckland have many different ways of marketing their car servicing, and it may be hard to compare prices between the different systems. …

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